Jaime Umphenour, host

Sound Off – Wed 1/31/2018

Jaime Umphenour, hostJaime Umphenour is the host of “Sound-Off”, the longest running talk show on the Central Coast now in its sixth decade. She brings to the show an eclectic range of guests from Authors to Artists, business owners to politicians, and everyone in between. Tune in to Sound Off every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Lunar Eclipse 1.31.2018

Did you see the lunar eclipse this morning? Early this morning, the earth passed between the sun and the moon, which cast a shadow over the moon for a couple hours. The total lunar eclipse coincided with a blue moon, which is the second full moon of the month. It’s also a super-moon, because the…

Flu 1.31.2018

The flu continues to ravage San Luis Obispo county. 15 deaths linked to the flu bug. Ten were reported on January 11th, so five more died in the last three weeks. The first death was reported on January 9th.

About 3-5% of hospital visits in San Luis Obispo county were related the flu in January.

Sinsheimer Park 1.31.2018

Parts of Sinsheimer park in San Luis Obispo are closed after a fire there Sunday morning. The park was recently renovated. It’s a popular location for homeless people because of its proximity to the railroad tracks and homeless shelter. The park reopened two months ago after an 11-month, $1 million dollar upgrade. Children have flocked…

Barney Schwartz Park 1.31.2018

Ribbon cutting this afternoon at Barney Schwartz Park for a new playground area that has recently been completed. The play space encourages high-energy activities with climbing areas, log tunnels, spinners, swings and slides designed for children. Mayor Steve Martin and parks supervisors Julie Dahlen will speak. There will also be milk and chocolate chip cookies.…

Murder in California Valley 1.31.2018

The two shooting victims in California Valley are father and son. 70-year-old Edward Chavez Mendoza and 37-year-old Eduardo Mendoza Jr. both found dead from gunshot wounds. The Sheriff’s department says there does not appear to be any outstanding suspects. Since 2012, deputies have responded to the home in the California Valley nine times. Four of…