Batten down the hatches. Another storm arriving today in the North County. Moderate rain will continue tonight. Then an intense, low-pressure storm will move down the coast late tonight. That storm will bring winds and heavy rain. Wind gusts may reach 50 miles per hour. Heavy rainfall will total between two and three and a…


Jim Hill

Arroyo Grande’s Mayor is to be investigated for violating the Brown Act. Jim Hill is accused of sharing confidential information from closed-session meetings, including an employment contract which had not yet been approved. Among the accusations, there are claims that Hill shared his city email password with his wife. And he allegedly discussed confidential information…


Rental Inspection in San Luis

Tonight, San Luis Obispo City Council will conduct a town hall discussion of the rental housing inspection program. The event to be held at the San Luis Obispo Veterans Memorial Building. The rental inspection program was proposed by former mayor Jan Marx. Pundits feel it cost her the election, because so many people were opposed…


Marcia Torgerson

An Atascadero icon steps down. City Clerk Marcia Torgerson retires after 20 years of service to the community. Lara Christenson will step up from deputy city clerk to city clerk on march 6th. Torgerson was appointed as clerk in 1996. She has been re-elected since then. She coordinated the city hall annex project after the…


Paddle Board

Atascadero City Council last night amends an ordinance governing watercraft on Atascadero Lake to include paddle boards. The council votes unanimously to approve the amendment allowing paddle boards on the lake. The vote was 4-0. Councilwoman Heather Moreno was absent at last night’s meeting because she has the flu.


Atascadero city officials reacting to the abrupt announcement from Wal-Mart last Friday that they are not building a store in Atascadero. Mayor Tom O’Malley tells kprl the city is already looking at alternatives. The Atascadero city council will be having a strategic planning workshop at city hall this weekend. They’ll be looking for input from…


Animal Shelter

The Atascadero city council approves a plan to pay the county just under $2 million dollars for their share of a new county animal shelter. Councilwoman Roberta Fonzi had some issues with the county’s proposal. She was concerned about the high cost per animal. Fonzi also talked about the construction cost per square foot, saying…


CMC Guard

A correctional officer claims she was forced to take an unpaid leave at the California Men’s Colony in San Luis because she became pregnant. Amanda Van Fleet files a lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections. She also wants the state to write policies prohibiting discrimination against pregnant women.