North County Weather 2.13.2019

Rain and wind today with highs this afternoon near 60. Cloudy overnight overnight, with rain, wind and thunderstorms, lows in the mid 50’s. Tomorrow rain, wind and thunder with highs in the upper 50’s. We’ll get showers Friday, sunshine on Saturday, continuing through Tuesday. Then more showers Wednesday through Friday of next week.

KSBY 2.13.2019

In people news, sports director Jessica Vo is leaving KSBY and apparently is leaving TV broadcasting. She’s moving back to her home in the Bay Area. Chance Dickman will move into the position as sports director. Vo has been with KSBY for two and a half years.

LA News 2.13.2019

In Los Angeles, the city council passes a law requiring companies that want city contracts to disclose whether they have ties to the National Rifle Association. That measure passed yesterday. NRA attorneys had warned they’ll sue. NRA attorney Chuck Michel calls the move “Modern-Day McCarthy-ism.” He says it would force NRA supporters to drop their…

Atascadero 2.13.2019

Atascadero officials excited to finally see playground equipment arriving for the Joy Playground. Mayor Heather Moreno says it’s been great to see the progress at the playground for children and parents with special needs. The rain may delay construction somewhat, but that Joy Playground may be open and operating in a few months. Atascadero city…

Paso Robles School Board 2.13.2019

The Paso Robles School Board of Trustees received a budget reduction plan from Chief Business Officer Brad Pawlowski. The plan includes $2.1 million dollars in cuts to operating expenses. The district’s budget reserve, which was $7.5 million when Superintendent Chris Williams took office, is now about $750,000. According to fiscal adviser Diane Larson, without the…