Dick Mason

Bob Kaiser 4.02.2019

Next week is the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia. An Atascadero Greyhound is on his way to prepare for it. Austin Kaiser grew up on north county golf courses, but Bob Kaiser says his son started long before he played on a course. Austin started swinging a golf club at a young age, grabbing…

Paso Robles City Council 4.02.2019

Tonight, Paso Robles city council to conduct a hearing on the proposed district map for the new council election system. Two weeks ago, the council unanimously approved draft Plan E, which gives each sitting council member his or her own district. Tonight, a public hearing on that draft Plan E for city council districts. The…

Sound Off – Mon 04/01/2019

Dick Mason from KPRL News hosts “Sound Off” every Monday. Dick brings a diverse range of guests to talk about the issues that effect us most. Tune in to the longest running talk show on the Central Coast – now in its sixth decade. Sound Off guest: Bob Kaiser

In High School Sports 4.01.2019

The Paso Robles baseball team lost to St. Joseph Friday at Barnhart field by a score of 3-2. The Bearcats are now 2-2 in conference play. They play Atascadero in two games this week. The first game is Wednesday at Atascadero. The Paso Robles softball team beat Templeton 5-0 at Vineyard Athletic Park. Templeton’s baseball…

Dick Mason

Sound Off Monday 4.01.2019

Bob Kaiser, father of Austin Kaiser. (Former Bearcat) Austin caddies for Xander Shaufele, who is preparing for the Masters in ten days. Xander is ranked #9 in the World in Professional Golf. Bob Kaiser is going back to see the Masters, talks about the Masters and the life of a professional caddie and golfer.

Dick Mason

Dodger Fight 4.01.2019

After Friday night’s marathon Dodger baseball game, a man was beaten outside Dodger stadium by an unidentified man. 47-year-old Rafael Reyna sustained a skull fracture. His wife says he is now on life support. Christel Reyna says she was on the phone with her husband as he was leaving the stadium. He heard a woman…

Venezuela 4.01.2019

Power went out across Venezuela yesterday. Another black out occurred Saturday. The black out Saturday lasted nearly all day. Many people walked out on balconies and banged pots in protest, and shouted curses at socialist president Nicolas Maduro. Others blocked roads and burned rubbish until armed government supporters interceded. Water supplies, phone service and internet…