Jaime Umphenour, host

Sound Off – Wed 5/09/2018

Jaime Umphenour is the host of “Sound-Off”, the longest running talk show on the Central Coast now in its sixth decade. She brings to the show an eclectic range of guests from Authors to Artists, business owners to politicians, and everyone in between. Tune in to Sound Off every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Sports 5.09.2018

The Paso Robles Bearcats beat Mission Prep 13-4 yesterday. They play at Mission today. Friday’s game at Paso Robles high school will be an afternoon game, not a night game. Atascadero baseball lost 4-3 at San Luis Obispo, those teams play at 4:30 this afternoon in Atascadero. In the PAC-8 standings, San Luis is first…

Beer Fest 5.09.2018

If you were unable to get tickets to Beer Fest, there’s a new event which may interest you. The Beer Fest concert, June first at the Paso Robles Event Center. If you could not get tickets to Beer Fest, and most couldn’t, you can still get tickets to the Beer Fest concert on Friday night,…

Gas Prices Are Up 5.09.2018

Gas prices are up in parts of San Luis Obispo county over $4 a gallon. The average for the county is $3.72 cents a gallon. The average in the nation is up to $2.81 cents. That’s up from $2.29 one year ago for the average. Californian’s paying almost double the national average at the gas…

Stabbing In Atascadero 5.09.2018

Atascadero police are investigating a series of events Monday morning that resulted in the arrest of an Atascadero man. Police say they were first called to the scene of a crash at about 8:30 am, in the area of Atascadero Ave and San Gabriel Rd. Officers learned that the people involved were also in a…

Nancy Woodrum 5.09.2018

San Luis Obispo county sheriff’s department still searching for information into the disappearance of Nancy Woodrum, who owns Strands hair salon at 8th and Spring streets in Paso Robles. She has not been seen since Friday afternoon. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s department.

Weed Abatement 5.09.2018

Atascadero city council talked about two kinds of weed last night. The kind you weed wack and the kind people smoke. The weed abatement measure was a slam dunk. So, cut down the weeds, or just as in previous years, the city will cut down the weeds and send you the bill.

Black Oak Lodge 5.09.2018

The Black Oak Lodge gets approved by the Paso Robles Planning Commission. The vote 7-0 for the four story hotel just off 24th street in Paso Robles. City planner Darrin Nash describes the planned hotel. The hotel will be located on the frontage road between Mcdonalds and Carls Jr. Right now, it’s a vacant lot.…