Fuel Theft in Mexico 12.28.2018

Mexico’s new president says the theft of $3 billion in fuel every year from state run fuel depots and pipelines in Mexico is an inside job. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says company employees steal fuel and distribute it or help thieves steal it by ensuring fuel continues to run through pipelines. Thieves drill an…

Man Who Shot Cop 12.28.2018

A manhunt underway in Stanislaus county. Police and sheriff’s deputies looking for a suspect who shot and killed Newman police corporal Ron Singh early Wednesday morning. Stanislaus county sheriff Adam Christianson spoke at a news conference yesterday, announcing the manhunt. Sheriff’s investigators say Newman police corporal Ron Singh stopped the suspect during a routine traffic…

Power Outage 12.28.2018

A power outage reported in Paso Robles around 5:50 late yesterday afternoon. Neighborhoods impacted include the Sierra Bonita Village. Most Paso Robles residents had their power restored within the hour. PG and E has not announced what caused the power outage late yesterday afternoon in Paso Robles.

House Fire 12.28.2018

Cal Fire says a home in northern San Luis Obispo county was damaged in a fire last night. The fire broke out around 8:45 pm. In the 200 block of Woodland road, between Paso Robles and San Miguel. Firefighters say about a third of the home was involved in the fire. Cal Fire tweeted that…

Jaime Umphenour, host

Sound Off – Thu 12/27/2018

Jaime Umphenour is the host of “Sound-Off”, the longest running talk show on the Central Coast now in its sixth decade. She brings to the show an eclectic range of guests from Authors to Artists, business owners to politicians, and everyone in between. Tune in to Sound Off every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.