I have been a resident of the Central Coast since 1979

The San Joaquin Valley is where I hail from; a little country town named Riverdale where my family was deeply rooted in farming and cattle.

My family was listening to radio long before television, and I grew up with it. I loved hearing Dad’s radio in the barn, the Portuguese channel at my Ava’s house from her big tall wooden console radio and Mom always had a radio blaring out the kitchen window while we worked and played outside. My fondest memory though was saving my nickels and dimes to buy my first transistor radio when I was in 6th grade…..that was a big deal for me, and now I call The Country Store my own here at KPRL….. and I’m lovin’ every minute of it.

I’ve been a small business owner since I was in high school when Dad gave me a gentle shove to help a local hay broker in Riverdale with their bookkeeping and then eventually I got a job working for our family CPA Faye Watson….between her patience and my love of bookkeeping classes in high school, I graduated with an Accounting Degree from our very own local Columbia College satellite right here at my alma mater Cuesta College.

Free Time! Who has it, but when I do, I love my home time. When I’m not in my office @ Enos Silva Group, I’m outside enjoying our little ranch in Atascadero and horseback riding on Buttermilk, Cheyenne or Champ – he was named after my Dad’s last horse – or you’ll find me playing with my dogs Sofie and Beau at the beach