Supervisors Candidates Forum 1.09.2020

A forum tonight will be the first public debate between supervisor Debbie Arnold, and her challenger in the march primary, Ellen Beraud. The forum is from 6:30 to 8:00 at the Atascadero Methodist Church. That’s on El Camino Real at the south end of the city, off Santa Barbara road. Tonight’s forum will not provide…

Elephant Seal Death 1.08.2020

A reward offered for information leading to the conviction in the shooting death of an elephant seal in San Simeon. Last fall, an elephant seal was found dead on the beach. It had been shot in the head. Its tail fins were cut off and its chest cavity cut open. Elephant seals are protected by…

Accident Near San Simeon 1.08.2020

An accident on highway one near San Simeon Monday brought deja vu to the minds of some. 63-year-old Jeffrey La Chance of Paso Robles caused that crash Monday morning. In 2011, La Chance caused another crash in that same two lane section of highway one which killed a Pennsylvania woman. That led to a civil…

Supervisor Forum 1.08.2020

Tomorrow night, supervisor Debbie Arnold and her challenger, Ellen Beraud will participate in a forum hosted by the Atascadero chamber of commerce. The forum will be held tomorrow evening from 6:30 to 8:00 at the United Methodist Church on El Camino Real in Atascadero.

Voter Registration 1.08.2020

Voters who received confusing registration cards from the county clerk’s office have contacted supervisor Debbie Arnold about it. She says she’s concerned about the issue. The registration cards were sent out to people who had visited the DMV. Part of the motor voter laws. Voters are encouraged to contact the county clerk’s office to make…

Paso Robles City Council 1.08.2020

Paso Robles City Council agreed to revise laws prohibiting tattoo parlors in the city limits. City Associate Planner Darcy Delgado explained the issue. She said in 1994, the council approved a ban on tattoo parlors in the city limits, primarily as a health issue. She says since then the tattoo establishments are more closely monitored…


Weather 1.08.2020

Forecasters say we’ll enjoy sunny skies with cooler temperatures today, but look for increasing clouds overnight, and a 60% chance of rain tomorrow morning. The clouds should clear, and we’ll see some sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. Forecasters say we’ll see mostly sunny skies through the weekend, and then a chance of rain again next Tuesday.

North County Weather 1.07.2020

Sunny today with, highs in the mid 60’s. Clear skies overnight, lows near 40. Tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, Highs near 60. The long range forecast calls mostly sunny skies this week, although there’s a 70% chance of rain Thursday morning. And again next Tuesday, highs in the upper 50’s to mid 60’s.