Sculpterra Fundraiser 9.21.2017

Have you ever visited the historical museum at Camp Roberts? Coming up Saturday afternoon, an event at Sculpterra Winery will raise money for the Camp Roberts museum, Sculpterra Winery off Union road will honor vets, active duty soldiers and the Camp Roberts Museum this Saturday afternoon from 2-6. Camp Roberts Museum Day, they’re calling it.

Most Fittest 9.20.2017

Survival of the fittest. A new report out by Gallup-Share care about the fittest communities in the US. Number one is Boulder Colorado. Then Fort Collins Colorado. Both are college communities. #3 is San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles. Followed by Greeley Colorado, Santa Rosa, Honolulu, Hilton Head, Anchorage, Clarksville, Tennessee and Chico. The rankings were…

Vandenberg Rocket Launch 9.20.2017

Hurricane Irma delayed the launch of an Atlas V rocket at Vandenberg air force base. Air force officials say the lift off is now scheduled for tomorrow night. The rocket will be carrying payload for the National Reconnaissance Office. The targeted launch time is 10:38 Thursday night. In October, two more launches are planned.

Repealing The Gas Tax 9.20.2017

Repealing the gas tax. One state Assemblyman looked at the tax increase which goes into effect November first and said he didn’t like it. On Saturday afternoon in Atascadero, Assemblyman Travis Allen will speak about the effort to repeal the gas tax. The fall gather is sponsored by the Central Coast Tax Association. For tickets…