Dave Congalton 7.06.2018

San Luis Obispo radio talk show host Dave Congalton says he doesn’t remember being hit by a car. Congalton says he remembers parking his car in a parking garage. Then as he was walking to the women’s march against ICE and immigration laws, he was struck by a car at the intersection of Marsh and…

Bridge in Santa Margarita 7.06.2018

A meeting late this afternoon about a proposed bridge replacement in Santa Margarita. Cal Trans officials want to talk with locals about a proposed project to replace the El Camino Real bridge. Cal Trans determined the existing bridge over Santa Margarita Creek needs to be replaced. The proposed new bridge would be wide and be…

Lavender Festival 7.06.2018

The Lavender Festival returns to Paso Robles tomorrow. It runs from ten to five tomorrow at the downtown city park in Paso Robles. It’s the tenth annual Lavender Festival. If you haven’t seen it, you’d be amazed at all the things they do today with Lavender.

Butterfield 7.06.2018

If you’ve been outside, you know it’s hot out there already. At the Ravine Water Park, families are lined up get inside and play in the water. Brett Butterfield of the Ravine Water Park says it’s going to be a busy weekend at the Ravine this weekend.

Bluegrass Festival 7.05.2018

Last night at the Atascadero lake park, the 3rd annual bluegrass festival, which attracted a big turn out. Nick Mattson and his wife, Haley Mattson, organized the bluegrass festival. Yesterday’s event surpassed expectations. The Atascadero fourth of July bluegrass festival becoming a great tradition in the north county.

Other Stories 7.05.2018

Some of the other stories we’re watching for you this Thursday morning, July 5th. The Carrizo Plain Conservancy purchases 320 acres near highway 58 to protect the endangered kit fox. The land is adjacent to land owned by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Atascadero’s Charles Paddock Zoo has three new flamingo babies. You’ll spot…