MS-13 Indicted 8.20.2018

A federal grand jury indicts 12 suspected members of the MS-13 gang, living in Santa Cruz. They were indicted late last week in San Jose. The men lived in Santa Cruz because it’s a sanctuary city. They were arrested Thursday on charges of murder, extortion, arson and drug trafficking. The gang members would meet to…

Jerry Greer 8.20.2018

Nine years ago, 71-year-old Jerry Greer was shot to death at his home in Templeton. For years, investigators could not identify a suspect. Now, the sheriff’s department says his son, Brian Greer of Paso Robles, is a person of interest. Brian Greer is a retired state correctional officer who worked at Soledad state prison. Sheriff’s…

Supervisors 8.20.2018

San Luis Obispo county supervisors meet tomorrow. One of the items on their agenda, housing in San Luis Obispo county. County supervisors to discuss housing at their meeting tomorrow. That meeting get underway at nine tomorrow morning at the county government center.

John Cox 8.20.2018

Several hundred turned out in San Luis Obispo yesterday to hear republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox in San Luis Obispo. Cox challenging democratic Lt governor Gavin Newsome. Many local republican leaders served at the barbecue yesterday afternoon in San Luis.

Paso Robles City Council 8.20.2018

Paso Robles city council meets tomorrow night. The council will discuss a plan by Justin winery to remove 13 oak trees from their facility on Wisteria lane, where they’re building a new wine storage building. Justin is also opening a tasting room in downtown Paso Robles. The council will also discuss at their meeting tomorrow…