Jaime Umphenour, host

Sound Off – Tue 7/10/2018

Jaime Umphenour is the host of “Sound-Off”, the longest running talk show on the Central Coast now in its sixth decade. She brings to the show an eclectic range of guests from Authors to Artists, business owners to politicians, and everyone in between. Tune in to Sound Off every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Studios on the Park 7.06.2018

Tomorrow night, Studios on the Park celebrates art after dark, Paso Robles. Sasha Irving says ‘A square peg in a round hole” is a show that opens tomorrow night, with some amazing art work from LA artists. There will also be a show of older Cuesta college artists. These are artists 55 and older. Art…

Illicit Pot Shops 7.06.2018

Illicit pot shops in la county outnumber the legal shops by a wide margin. Hundreds are reportedly operating in the county, which is making it difficult for about 150 legal operations. The illicit marijuana stores do not collect taxes, and they don’t pay them. One of the selling points for legalization was the tax revenue…