Illegals 6.03.2019

Late last week, the border patrol found a group of more than one thousand immigrants who illegally crossed the border at El Paso, Texas. That’s the largest group the border patrol has ever encountered. The border patrol saying they’ve found 180 groups of more than 100 people since October. Last Friday, they also found an…

Abortion 6.03.2019

California governor Gavin Newsom invites women from conservative states enacting new limits on abortion to come to California to “fully exercise their reproductive rights.” On Friday, Newsom signed a proclamation welcoming women to California for abortion and reaffirming the right of women to terminate a pregnancy.

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Shandon Arrest 6.03.2019

In Shandon, two men fighting Saturday afternoon on the 200 block of Escondido led to one man being stabbed to death. A 23-year-old man died from his wounds after being transported by ambulance to a local hospital. Sheriffs deputies arrested a 26-year-old Christopher Wilson. The victim has not yet been identified.

Paso Robles City Council 6.03.2019

The Paso Robles city council meets tomorrow night at the library conference room, but the big meeting is Wednesday evening at the same location. The council to revisit the issue of short term vacation rentals. Back in February, city manager outlined the options. Last month, the planning commission approved rules for short term rentals. That…