Other Stories 7.20.2018

Efforts underway to recover the set of The Ten Commandants in the Guadalupe dunes. The film shot back in the 1920’s. Cecil B. Demille was the director. The city of Morro Bay removing two dozen signs protesting a proposed $41 water-and-sewer rate increase. The city manager says the signs were placed on city property or…

Cronauer 7.20.2018

Adrian Cronauer is dead. Cronauer was made famous by a portrayal of him by Robin Williams in the movie “Good Morning Vietnam”. Atascadero’s Gary Brill also served with the armed forces radio network in Vietnam with Cronauer and Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune. You can hear Gary Brill on KPRL. Cronauer was 79.

Obamacare 7.20.2018

The monthly health insurance premiums under Obamacare are going up by an average of 8.7% next year. That’s a drop from the double-digit increases in each of the past two years. Covered California sells health plans to about 1.4 million people who don’t get insurance from an employer or medicare or Medi-cal. Tax payers cover…

County History Center 7.20.2018

Controversy at the San Luis Obispo county history center for it’s progressive leanings. The history center flew a gay pride flag on the front of the old Carnegie library, although there was no gay oriented display at the museum. The center is facing criticism for being too progressive politically. Critics say it should not partner…

Mid State Fair 7.20.2018

Local high school students sold wooden and metal industrial arts projects they built this past year. Stephanie Irysh of Paso Robles high school built a large Adirondack chair. Zerek Brown built a steel rack for saddles, blankets, and bridles. Garrett Shiffer created a metal, military top table with patriotic slogans cut into the top of…

Jaime Umphenour, host

Sound Off – Thu 7/19/2018

Jaime Umphenour is the host of “Sound-Off”, the longest running talk show on the Central Coast now in its sixth decade. She brings to the show an eclectic range of guests from Authors to Artists, business owners to politicians, and everyone in between. Tune in to Sound Off every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Bearcats 7.19.2018

A baseball tradition comes to an end in Paso Robles. Derek Stroud is stepping down after 20 years coaching the Bearcats. His son, Will Stroud, is playing for Azusa Pacific’s baseball team this coming spring. Derek says he’d like to see some of those games.